Fishery Department

Fishery Department, Haridwar
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ABOUT DEPARTMENT: After the formation of the Uttarakhand state, the Department of Animal Husbandry was set up as a unit of Animal Husbandry Department, which was reorganized as an Independent Department from Government Order No. 78 / GA / (F), 4 (6) / 2002 dated May 7, 2005. has been done.
The main objectives of the department are: –

  1. Maintaining the availability of protein-rich diet in rural areas while maintaining the ecological balance of the state.
  2. Employment and also be accompanied by income with weak economic and social upliftment of backward classes of persons.
  3. Survey of Fisheries Resources.
  4. Cold Fisheries Development.
  5. Fishery Development in reservoirs, lakes.
  6. Construction / improvement of additional ponds / ponds for fisheries activities.
  7. Training, publicity and public awareness programs.


  • District Planning: Development of reservoirs- Accumulation of fishery seeds of suitable species at selected sites in natural water bodies and conservation of fish by local people.
  • State Planning:
    1. Special Component Plan: The total cost on pond construction and FIS investor by Scheduled Caste people in the plain areas is Rs. 7,00,000/- per 1 (unit), 60 percent grant is 4,20,000/- per 1 ha.
    2. State Fisheries Input Scheme: Under the scheme, quality pelleted fish feed is supplied to the
      fishing parents on their demand of 50 percent of the amount, as well as the net used in the fishing work, Hapa and HondNet also have half the value But fisheries are provided to theparents.
  • Central Planning:
    1. “Sweet water under the Blue Revolution Integrated Fisheries Development and Management Program” Fisheries (Blue Revolution Plan / Mission Fingerling) – Construction of Fish Seed Rearing Units – Facility for grants for fishery seed rearing unit construction and investment for preparation of fingerling fish seed.
    2. Infra Structures and Marketing (Blue Revolution Scheme) – Bicycles are given in the standard amount of money for fish farmers to market and sell fish produced in ponds.

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