Cooperative Department

Cooperative Department, Haridwar
E-Mail: arcshrd@gmail[dot]com

ABOUT DEPARTMENT: Cooperative Department handles the registration of Cooperative Societies, making the Cooperative revolution active and strong. Proper guidance and supervision is given for the effective operation of Cooperative learning. With the help of propagation, spreading and training making the farmer members economically developed and keeping the same in execution.


    1. Loan and Banking Scheme – Under this scheme Cooperative provides crop loans to farmers at low interest rate.

(A) Pt. Deen Dayal Scheme- Under this Scheme we are providing loan at the rate of 2% yearly up to 1 Lakh for loan farming and agricultural related occupations.
(B) Saving Centers- Under this scheme PACS are indulged in small saving done by farmers with the help of saving centers.

  1. Selling and Purchasing scheme – Under this scheme we are providing fertilizers, seeds and also with price and support scheme we are purchasing crops and selling them.
  2. Consumer Scheme- Under this scheme we are providing daily consumable things from our consumer department store for our society members at a reasonable price.

WEEKLY ACTIVITY: We are organizing seminar for improving partnership with farming members. Also organizing Cooperative loan fairs. For Advertisement of Cooperative schemes, we are putting stalls under program which are conducted by government.

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