Animal Husbandry Department

Animal Husbandry Department, Haridwar
E-Mail: cvoharidwar@gmail[dot]com

ABOUT DEPARTMENT: Functions related to animal welfare schemes.


  1. Veterinary Medical Hospitals, 1 Social Animal Hospital and 38 Animal Service Centers are run in Haridwar district. Their job is to give information to veterinarians about animal diseases and to treat animals.
  2. Vaccination – Vaccination work is done by the Department to prevent infectious diseases of animals.
  3. Neglecting- The deforestation of the animals of the unclassified animals of cattle is done at the veterinary and veterinary service centers.
  4. Criminal insemination – Remedies for animal rejuvenation are done by mismanagement of the animal.
  5. Escade Scheme – Escade scheme is run under the centrally sponsored scheme by the Government of India, in which, for the prevention of infectious diseases of animals, vigilance and animal husbandry are organized for each development block and district level.
  6. Stomach Veterinary Camp.
  7. Animal Exhibition.
  8. Fodder Development.
  9. Backyard Poultry Scheme.
  10. Dairy Entrepreneurship Development Plan.
  11. Livestock Insurance Scheme.
  12. State Planning SCP.
  13. RKVY.
  14. Spirit.
  15. National Livestock Mission.
  16. Broiler Poultry Production.
  17. Treatment Bank.


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